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TrungThanh is named "Typical Trademark" on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Ha Noi Small and Medium Enterprises Association’s Establishment

     On May 15, 2015 morning, at Hanoi Theatre, Ha Noi Small and Medium Enterprises Association (HASMEA) has solemnly celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment and receiving Third - Class Labor Medal awarded by the President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

     The ceremony was attended by Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue - Member of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Central Economic Committee; Nguyen Cam Tu - Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan - Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee; and leaders, representatives of business associations from 27 provinces across the country.

Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue (third from the right), Mr. Nguyen Cam Tu (second from the right), Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan (fourth from the right)

     Applying the Association from the first days in 1995 when it was called Small and Medium Enterprises Club, TrungThanh has been with Association in overcoming difficulties, and it always is positive factor in the activities of the Association. Mr. Phi Ngoc Chung, Chairman – General Director of TrungThanh, always get the trust of members and take on important position in the Executive Board for 20 years. Currently, as Permanent Vice Chairman of the Association, Mr. Phi Ngoc Chung has represented the Association in various fields.

     After 20 years of companionship in constructing and developing, TrungThanh proud to be one of the longest members has made contributions in the development of both scale and quality of the Association.

     With these outstanding results in 20 years, at the event, TrungThanh has been honored as one of 20 enterprises reached Typical Trademark. Also in the series of activities of the Association celebration, TrungThanh honor to be the gold sponsor for the program, given value gifts to 20 families under preferential treatment policy and families in difficult circumstances. This is considered noble gesture that during 20 years of development TrungThanh always interested in performing.

     The 20th anniversary of Association’s establishment closed successful marking a new milestone which promises success and new victories of Association.

      Some photos of the event:

Mr. Phi Ngoc Chung receiving The 3rd labor medal awarded for HASMEA

Mr. Vu Van Quang – Sales Director North Area represented for TrungThanh receiving title “Typical Trademark”

      As the gold sponsor for the program, TrungThành give value gifts to 20 families under preferential treatment policy TrungThành yellow shirt and happy smile of families under preferential treatment policy

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