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TrungThanh Foods officially established TrungThanh Hanoi bicycle club

        In 2015, Ms. Vu Thuy Nga, President of TrungThanh Trade Union and Director of TrungThanh Branch Office in Ho Chi Minh City, gathered bicycle lovers and people who love TrungThanh to open a club and participate in the cycling trip across Vietnam. Since then, the club has had many exchange activities with other clubs all over the country to develop this sport in Vietnam.

Ms. Vu Thuy Nga (in the middle) in the TrungThanh cycling championship

     Starting with only a few people, TrungThanh bicycle club has up to nearly 100 participants. In order to operate the club more regularly, Mr. Phi Ngoc Chung, President – General Director of TrungThanh Foods decided to set up TrungThanh Hanoi bicycle club on June 19, 2017. The club officially operates in the Vietnamese cycling industry under the management of TrungThanh Company and Vietnam Cycling Federation. This is a healthy playing field, which helps members play sports to improve their health and gain experience from other members and clubs.

President of TrungThanh bicycle club took photo at the opening ceremony of the TrungThanh cycling championship

      The club regularly participated in many races such as "International Bicycle Race – Vietnam - China 2017" on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the establishment of Lao Cai province in early July; Bicycle race "About Truong Son - People's Army Newspaper 2017" on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Martyrs Day on July 27. Besides there were exchanges with Dan Phuong Bicycle Club, Hanoi; Green Lang Son club, Xuong Giang club, Bac Giang. Every year, in July, TrungThanh Company organizes TrungThanh bicycle tournaments with the participation of many clubs, facilitating exchanges between club members and friends. Also in the beginning of August, TrungThanh organized a cycling tour to Hung Yen city to pick up fruits with the participation of 18 Northern bicycle clubs. To encourage the bicycle movement, TrungThanh Company has given gifts to individuals, couples and families who are honored at the exchange.

Members of TrungThanh club in the exchange with Xuong Giang – Bac Giang club   

    In addition to sport activities, TrungThanh club organized many charity activites. On July 27, the members of the club went to Mong Cai - Quang Ninh to make offering of incense to the heroes and martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend our country border areas in Bo Hen Gate. At the same time, with the subscription of club members, they built a charity house for relatives of Martyrs Hoang Van Do in Mong Cai city.

TrungThanh Club Members made offering of incense to the heroes and martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend our country border areas in Bo Hen Gate

      Most of the members of the TrungThanh Bicycle Club are elders. Some people have been at the age of seventy but regularly participate in club activities. It can be said that the sport itself has helped the members have tough health, mental clarity and love life. Since then, the activities of the TrungThanh Bicycle Club have been growing; TrungThanh bike lovers have become ambassadors of TrungThanh images to all regions of the country as well as international friends through various activities.

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