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The men in TrungThanh and Vietnam Women’s Day

     On Vietnam Women’s Day 20 – 10, the men in TrungThanh would like to send the best wishes and the most beautiful flowers to “a half” of TrungThanh. A warm and joyful party was held to cheer up with bright and happy smiles.

    Women are “a half of the world”, “masterpieces of the universal”. And nobody can deny the important role of women in the world.

    You can not imagine how life would be without women, their sweet voices, their warm smiles, their dexterous hands, their gentle cares... It would be so dull and hopeless...

Mr.Phi Ngoc Chung – General Director was donating flowers and best wishes to Mrs.Vu Thuy Nga – Union President and others women in TrungThanh

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoai – Hanoi Sales Manager was congratulating Mrs. Phi Hai Yen – Financial Director  and Financial Department

Mr. Trinh Van Ha – Northwest Sales Manager was congratulating Mrs. Ngo Thi Anh

Mr. Nguyen Nhu Binh was congratulating Metro and Export – Import Department

Mr. Nguyen Van Quang was congratulating Distribution Department


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