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Choose fish sauce industry: Because can not wait for the sweetness of sea fish

The traditional fish sauce has been rejected for a long time because it is salty. The sweet part is slow. Consumers do not have the patience to wait until they feel the sweetness of the sea fish.

Sweetness is an important feature of traditional fish sauce. But many people just like the fish sauce sweet taste the tip of the lips. Tran Thi Dung, a specialist in processing and preserving seafood, said at a seminar on preserving traditional fish sauce development on 10.10 in Ho Chi Minh City.

T.S. Tran Thi Dung - Former Director of Fisheries Development Consultancy and Planning Center (Photo collection: 10/10/2016)

"People have traditionally refused the traditional sauce because it is salty"

According to the processing technology, traditional fish sauce obtained from the fermentation of fish and salt in the rate of 2.5 ÷ 3 fish: 1 salt, for a period of 6 months or more. The protit, lipid will be broken down into amino acids, beneficial fatty acids.

Meanwhile, industrial fish sauce (also known as fish sauce, sauces) is obtained from the use of salt to dilute the traditional fish sauce, other protein supplement, color, regulator, comparator preservatives, acids and personal fragrances.

Therefore, the fish sauce produced under the traditional process has a different feel from color to taste.

According to Dung, the typical feature of the traditional fish sauce is the salty tip of the tongue, at the end of the tongue and throat is sweet. This is more or less depending on the content of protein and amino acids are high or low. Industrial fish sauce can not create a sweet taste because the amino acids are very low.

"People have long rejected traditional sauce because it is salty. The sweet part is slow. Consumers do not have the patience to wait until they feel the sweetness of the sea fish. People just like the sweet end of the lips. The demand for this fish sauce industry is easy to meet. "

In addition to this bold, traditional fish sauce also has the color, smell characteristic of each region, the way of processing. "I do not criticize fish sauce industry because consumers have the option. The problem is to be transparent about the ingredients on the packaging, "she said.

Workshop on conservation and development of traditional fish sauce by the Vietnam Fisheries Association, Vietnam Seafood Journal in collaboration with the Department of agro-forestry and fishery products organized salt.

According to the organizers, in addition to traditional fish sauce, the market has many products added other ingredients, so low in protein. There are even just four degrees of protein. However, these products are usually eye-catching, low cost plus communication activities, marketing aggressively should be easy to attract consumers. This makes the taste and taste of consumers more or less affected, confusing and difficult to choose the product that suits the needs.

The General Statistics Office reported that Vietnam consumed more than 200 million liters of fish sauce each year, with a total value of 7,200 - 7,500 Vietnamese dong.


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