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10 wonderful healing properties of soybeans

Everyone knows the great nutritional value of soybeans, but not everyone understands the value of fighting it.

Soybeans are also called soybeans. Since ancient times, soybean has been used to make food, but recent medicine has discovered many of the healing effects of this familiar cereal. Here are 10 benefits of soybeans for health:

Enhance immune function
Soybeans contain high levels of plant protein which is good for the human body, so it is also known as "vegetable meat". By the human body that lack protein, will lead to loss of immunity, appear signs of fatigue and other symptoms. Eating soybean not only replenishes the body's protein but also avoids the risk of raising cholesterol by eating meat.

Improves memory
Soybeans have a large amount of lecithin, which is one of the most important components of brain activity. Eating more soy may also help prevent Alzheimer's. In addition, the lecithin, sterol, found in soy has the effect of increasing nerve function and vitality.

Strengthen the growth of tissues, organs in the body
Lecithin in soybeans in addition promotes nerve function, can also promote the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Soybeans can lower cholesterol and improve lipid metabolism, prevent and treat coronary artery disease.

Improve energy
Proteins found in soybeans can increase the excitement and cortical function of the brain, improving learning and working. At the same time, it can also help relieve stress and psychological sadness.

Whitening and skin care
Soybean contains large amounts of isoflavones. This plant estrogen helps slow down aging, reducing menopause. In addition, soybeans contain linoleic acid, which prevents the synthesis of melanin in skin cells.

Prevent cancer
Soybeans contain a substance called protease inhibin. New York University researchers say it has the potential to inhibit many types of cancer, particularly breast cancer.

Prevents oxidation
Soybeans also have antioxidant effects, removing free radicals in the human body. At the same time, it also inhibits the growth of tumor cells, enhancing the immune function of the body.

Reduce blood fat
The plant sterols contained in soybeans have the effect of lowering cholesterol in the blood. Soybeans and soybean extracts work to lower total cholesterol, reduce bad cholesterol (ie, LDL cholesterol), prevent the growth of plaque, improve the elasticity of coronary arteries.

Deafness prevention
Soybeans contain large amounts of iron and zinc. The iron helps to soften the capillaries, ensuring blood supply to the ear. Soybeans are effective in preventing hearing loss in older people.

US researchers have found that people who are prone to high blood pressure are over-potassium deficient in sodium. Soybeans reduce blood pressure because soy is rich in potassium. Each 100 grams of soybeans contains 1503 mg of potassium. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure should eat soybeans, to replenish enough potassium for the body

Proper use of this nutritious plant is a great way to improve health.

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