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Bamboo Shoots of TrungThành 800gr

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TrungThanh chilli shoots are produced on a modern, closed line according to ISO 22000: 2005, ensuring the best quality and hygiene and food safety. Bamboo shoots planted on TrungThanh farms will be selected, checked for height and diameter until they meet the standards that will be cut and selected. The selected shoots must be fresh, fat, not curved, ... Thanks to modern high pressure pasteurizing technology, the nutritional value of the shoots is kept intact, the products are canned and preserved in a vacuum state. . Chilli bean shoots in the bottle are bright yellow of bamboo shoots, bright red of chilli, acrid aroma and sour taste, light and sweet taste.

Ingredients: bamboo shoots

Weight: 800gr

Bottle type: high-grade glass

Directions for use and preservation:
- Tap around the lid then turn counterclockwise to open the lid
- Used for instant or processed with other dishes
- Keep in dry place, avoid sunlight, avoid high temperature
- Cover and store cold under 15 ° C after opening

Note: The product is best used when following the manufacturer's instructions for use and storage

For more informations about export products, please contact : Ms Oanh & Mr Sơn via email:

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