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TrungThành Pickled Salt Egg-Plant 500gr


TrungThành Pickled Salt Egg- Plant is produced according to the modern line, self-contained ISO 22000: 2005. After harvesting from the farm, the standards egg-plant brought into processing. The egg-plant is full, bright color, no insects, no deformation, content of plant protection products within the limits allowed, etc. In processing, all of operation are always tightly controlled. Thanks to four times scour technology combined with high pressure temperature pasteurization helps ensure hygiene food and product quality. TrungThành Pickled Salt Egg- Plant has moderate sour, moderate salt, the salt egg- plant always ensures bright colors, not black, crispy when you eating.

Usage and storage instructions:

- Tap around the lid, then turn its clockwise to take off the cover

- Used for eating instantly

- Store in a cool place to avoid sunlight and high temperature

- Tightly close and keep in a cool place less than 15­°C after opening

Note: The product is well-preserved when abiding by usage and storage instructions of manufature above

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