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TrungThành Tiny Shrimp Paste 150gr


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Tiny shrimp paste is a traditional dish which is familiar to Vietnamese.

TrungThanh Tiny shrimp paste used in the meals are very easy to use, so there are many ways to eat from simple to complex such as: eating instantly or mixing with unripe papaw combining with rice; mixing with ginger, garlic, chilli for dipping. TrungThanh Tiny shrimp paste has sweet taste and has no strong taste as shrimp paste or fish sauce, is viscid, uses as long as it can.

Usage and storage instructions:

- Use for eating instantly or processing food adding lemon, sugar or chili as users taste

- Store in a dry place avoid sunlight and high temperature

- Tightly close and keep in cool 200C – 250C after opening

Note: The product is best use when complying with instructions for usage and storage


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