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TrungThành Shrimp Paste 150gr


TrungThanh pasteurized shrimp paste (for export) is made from shrimp, powdered grill rice, ... by traditional method, especially pasteurized at high temperature, which can eliminate harmful bacterias to human. TrungThanh pasteurized shrimp paste will bring you an unforgettable taste. Products are manufactured and strictly controlled to ensure food hygiene and safety according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, safe for your family's health.

Ingredients: Shrimp, salt

Weight: 150g

Bottle type: Premium glass

Instructions for use and maintenance:
- Used to eat instantly or making dishes. Add lemon, sugar, chili depending on your taste and stir well afterward, you will have a delicious bowl of sauce to use with dishes such as: Boiled meat, 'Bun đau' (rice noodle with fried tofu), ...
- Store in a dry place, avoid sunlight, avoid high temperature
- Cover tightly and store at a temperature of 20 degrees C - 25 degrees C after opening the lid.

Note: The product is best used when strictly following the manufacturer's above instructions for use and storage.

For more informations about export products, please contact : Ms Oanh & Mr Sơn via email:


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