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Pickled Baby Cucumber 500gr


Bottled baby cucumbers are produced by a closed process. The cucumbers from TrungThanh farm are protected and controlled according to the standards of the Quality Control Center (QLCL). After harvesting,they shall be went through a selection process and checking the content of plant pesticides. The baby cucumbers must have bright colors, reach the prescribed length and diameter, and must be intact, free from pests and diseases in order to be put into production. Here, the standard baby cucumbers are preliminarily processed, cleaned and pasteurized at high temperature to ensure maximum retention of natural vitamins. On a modern production line in accordance with ISO 22000:2005, all processes are strictly controlled from raw materials to finishing process, producing the freshest canned baby cucumber products, ensuring the best protection. the safest food to bring to users.

Instructions for use and maintenance:

- Tap around the jar cap then turn counter-clockwise to open the cap

- Used for instant eating

- Store in a dry place, avoid sunlight, avoid high temperature

- Cover tightly and refrigerate below 15°C after opening

Note: The product is best used when strictly following the manufacturer's above instructions for use and storage

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