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TrungThành Pickled salt onion 500gr


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TrungThành Pickled Salt Onion is a product crystallizing tradition and modern. All manufacturing processes based on the secrets of the ancient tradition combining with modern mechanical system ISO 22000:2005. Onions selected are violet or white, uniform size, unrotten. The high pressure pasteurization technology in high temperature and stored in a vacuum bottle helps onions not to be  scumed and rotten. TrungThành Pickled Salt Onion after jarred is no longer pungent, moderate acidity, white, and crispy.

Usage and storage instructions:

- Tap around the lid, then turn its clockwise to take off the cover

- Used for eating instantly

- Store in a cool place to avoid sunlight and high temperature

- Tightly close and keep in a cool place less than 15°C after opening

Note: The product after opening to comply with instructions for usage and storage


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