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Cantaloupe TrungThanh 790gr


Packaged baby cucumbers are produced in a closed process. Cucumbers from TrungThanh Farm are cared for and controlled by the Quality Control Center. After harvesting, they will undergo the process of selecting, checking the content of the drug protection. Melons must be bright colors, reaching the length and diameter as prescribed and must be intact, not pestilent, newly introduced into production. Here, the standard melon is processed, hygienic and pasteurized high temperature to ensure maximum retention of natural vitamins. On the modern production line of ISO 22000: 2005, every process is strictly controlled from raw materials to finishing, producing the best fresh cucumber in the best quality. The most secure food brought to the user.

Ingredients: baby cucumber, purified water

Weight: 790gr

Bottle Type: Pet

Directions for use and preservation:
- Tap around the lid then turn counterclockwise to open the lid
- Use to eat immediately
- Keep in dry place, avoid sunlight, avoid high temperature
- Cover and store cold under 15 ° C after opening

Note: The product is best used when following the manufacturer's instructions for use and storage


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