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Angon salt grapes 500gr


Angon salt is processed in accordance with modern processes, closed ISO 22000: 2005. After harvesting from the farm, the standard tomatoes are put into processing. These are round, bright colors, not pestilent, not deformed, enough indicators on the amount of plant protection drugs ... In the production cycle of the stitches are always strictly controlled. Thanks to four-stage cleaning technology combined with high pressure pasteurization helps to ensure hygiene and quality of the product. Angon salted coffee has a sour taste just right, salt concentration just mouth, muffin muffin to ensure bright colors, not blackened, crinkled, crushed when chewing in the mouth.

Directions for use and preservation:
- Tap around the lid then turn counterclockwise to open the lid
- Use to eat immediately
- Keep in dry place, avoid sunlight, avoid high temperature
- Cover and store cold under 15 ° C after opening

Note: The product is best used when following the manufacturer's instructions for use and storage


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