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TrungThanh's story

Mr Phi Ngoc Chung shared, "I have to make money with the city so I think I have to get rich, but I also understand that I want to get rich, hundreds of thousands of people think so, so I have to choose. my own path.


Which conditions bring him to business?

I am not very ambitious but I am pleased with the salary of the staff of the Food Technology Company under the Ministry of Internal Trade, but in 1990, I was in the category of "one lump" when the mode was 176. Recall At that time, my family encountered many difficulties in life, which forced me to make money to improve life for myself and family. I have thought of myself for the first time, I faced many difficulties because I had never been stumbled, but gradually I was able to adapt without training business school, the "school life" has made me grow. After this, the more I realize that the opportunity is not mine, what is important is that we are determined and able to take that opportunity.

From the white hand, he has built a business that many people dream, so what is the secret?

My life has had some bad times. When I was on "one lump" I bought ice cream stroll, every 3am is on the road. Silver face with streets, much shame and I have determined to make sure I get rich. But how to get rich, then the opportunity comes to me as well.

Take a year of selling ice cream, know the salt suppliers, fish sauce, I carry each fish sauce to leave the term for the inner city to live. Gradually, I realized that if I acted like a human being, I could not get better, so I chose my own path, and my "personal path" was the secret of my success.

And your own path that is?

When I left the fish sauce, I noticed that, fish sauce sold in the style of buying the retail can, retailers to buy fish sauce should bring bottles that are inconvenient and unhygienic . Since then, I think why not ready to bottle into the sale but also convenient to ensure hygiene. So I decided to change direction.

To tell the truth, in the beginning I did it is also the fish sauce but bottled the label to see the product of his "class" than. Later on, when I heard about the value added on the product, I understood that the bottling, labeling of products has increased the value of my product.

Consumers' habit of using fish sauce "measured" can not be changed right. What did you do to change your consumption habits?

Initially the market did not accept because the price of bottled fish sauce was still more expensive than the price of fish sauce, so it took quite a long time for the sauce to become familiar with the market. At first stage, the goods were not sold, I considered bankrupt to place, but I still steadfast in the direction of my choice and finally the trust was compensated when the time after the product TrungThanh started selling , even selling. From there I draw some lessons later

First: In business, many have to accept temporary failures.

Second: If the bottle of fish sauce succeeds, other food products will also have a chance.

Third: If the bottle of fish sauce is more profitable than the sale, it means more investment in the bottle or rather invest in the product.

Many people told him to "dump" the warehouse in the early 90s of last century dared to set up the company?

The only difficulty was that at that time, only organizations and enterprises were allowed to produce and pack products. So I had to set up a company to be able to pack the product. However, to establish a business at that time was not easy, it took me 3 months to get 30 signatures of agencies and authorities at all levels. As of 01/08/1995, TrungThanh Company was established. The first product of TrungThanh is bottled fish sauce.

After that, TrungThanh not only bottled fish sauce but also many other food items that is derived as a lover of the traditional flavor of the Vietnamese, so from the initial success of the fish sauce, I Researched the market, production technology and decided to launch the Vietnamese agricultural products handy, ensuring the traditional flavor to serve consumers. From spicy bean curd to melon belly, yellow chili sauce, soy sauce gradually came to life and occupy the consumer confidence of the majority of consumers at that time.


Not only to launch in the North market, TrungThanh quickly expand the market throughout the country, what makes that success?

In the early days of preparing for my own production, I went to the villages along the sea to learn how to make fish sauce. When the goods arrive, I deliver myself. In the beginning, every motorbike, a balo on the road, calculated that I was riding motorcycles throughout the North. Pick up goods to Northwest test, I was stranded in Pha Din Pass two days. I am a soldier who, hard to bear, as long as results. "Do not throw your life into the market to understand." Going much, recording many opinions of consumers and then later on operating the business I found more favorable. Now the distribution is organized into a system but I am proud that I know most of the sites and understand both the preferences of consumers there.

The stumbling block of many Vietnamese enterprises is the delivery of their products abroad, TrungThanh has solved this problem like?

My friends from abroad tasted the fish sauce, braised and complimented delicious and lamented that can not buy there. "Why did not you try to get my cargo to that side?" And my friend did it, and the first bottle of fish sauce brought to Russia came to fruition. Then I decided to export a large batch. On delivery, happiness comes tears as one understands that the market is extremely large, what is important is how to enter the market.

At times, the company must cancel a shipment worth more than $ 50,000 when you reach your country. We send samples abroad to test food safety and technical specifications in the products that you request. Each time, the Central cost about $ 3,000. The "other serious" with the kidneys later, TrungThanh products are exempted from testing in many other countries.

It is also said that TrungThanh has a small meditation to register intellectual property rights for the brand?

After establishing for 1 year, TrungThanh applies for registration of intellectual property rights, and also registered the brand "fin" that is the same brand TrungThanh as "Trung Thang, Trung Thanh, Thanh Trung .. At that time, the registration of the business name still sour wnhieuef, some people do not know that TrungThanh "vanishing" because of spending a small amount to buy the invisible. But to this thowifddiemer, international integration has seen the importance of intellectual property registration. In 2001, TrungThanh continued to register for intellectual property rights in Vietnam. 40 countries in the world, currently, TrungThanh has more than 100 products protected by the trademark. TrungThanh is one of the only enterprises with many registered trademarks in the country and abroad.

After 18 years in the market, what makes you feel most comfortable?

Awake to realize what the opportunity is for you but it is important to realize it is even more important. When I was self-employed, I decided everything but now is a business with 500 people with turnover of tens of billion, I understand that success is due to brothers, ie human factors. In a competitive environment like now, the human factor is even more important. When I was poor I had to sell ice cream, I tried to stand up because I had the motivation to escape poverty. I understand that you also have motives, your aspirations and you must meet that. To me, despite the difficulties, ensuring the policies and welfare for the brothers are always placed on the top. In addition, I also organize many activities such as "TrungThanh Festival", the ceremony of summarizing men, traveling twice a year ... is to build corporate culture and let staff understand that you are respected and is an integral part of the business. I only do a small part, they are the ones who make up TrungThanh today.

So far, TrungThanh has won the title of "Vietnam High Quality Goods" by consumers, 3 times gained "Strong Brand" and "Famous Brand" in Vietnam. The secret of success of TrungThanh is encapsulated in the four words "good for every home"

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