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The way with love: Ta Lung, Dong Van, Ha Giang

     "The way with love" is launched and implemented recently by Trung Thanh brought the warmth of love to the unfortunate lives. This time, to continue the string of philanthropy, "the way with love" is led by Chairman of trade union and director of Ho Chi Minh City Branch, Mrs Vu Thuy Nga, has come the north-west where  H'Mông ethnic group lived in.

Chairman of trade union and director of Ho Chi Minh City Branch, Mrs Vu Thuy Nga, lead “The way with love” to Ta Lung, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province

       “The way with love" is not merely a charity of the business, but it is the journey of the passionate hearts which are quite willing to pass a long way to share the love to people who have many difficulties in life.

        Come to Dong Van town, the road to Ta Lung is the most arduous road. The rocky road, one side of the cliff, one side of the chasm made buses, which carried gifts and essential items of Trung Thanh faced many difficulties.

      The buses have just arrived, people gathered to welcome with great smile and eyes filled with expectation. Boisterous atmosphere dispelled all fatigue after the journey. Rice, sweets, clothes and donated items are unloaded very quickly. The children also played to ship items to concentration.

Goods, items, gifts neatly and quickly arranged by volunteers of TrungThanh

The gift is the affection directors, officers and employees in the company for those who are disadvantaged, families in preferential treatment policy and pupils who overcome poverty

The children are receiving gifts

      At the end of the program, everyone held hands and sang the song "Noi vong tay lon". The laughter broke the gloomy and quiet atmosphere of the northwest mountains.


   We say goodbye Ta Lung in indescribable feelings. All members believe that these small gifts lit a warm fire in the hearts of recipients and it will burn brightly forever.


Quynh Trang

Translator: Bui Ha

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