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The program of cultural exchange between PhuMy Group, Geleximco and TrungThanh Foods

    The participants of the program are Mr. Phi Ngoc Chung - Chairman – General Director of TrungThanh - Permanent Vice Chairman of Ha Noi Small and Medium Enterprises Association (HASMEA), Mr. Chu Duc Luong – Chairman of PhuMy Group, members of the Executive Committee of HASMEA, and leaders of the participating companies.

      The exchange took place very lively with games such as tug of war, tennis and football. The "amateur" athletes from the companies brought the attractive and dramatic battles; Results are divided equally among the units.

      Attending the program, Trungthanh devoted moments of fun to audience with the impressive songs about country. The song named "Noi vong Tay Lon" expressed by all members attending closed the cultural exchange program between PhuMy Group, Geleximco, and TrungThanh Foods.

     Mr. Phi Ngoc Chung commented: "This is a meaningful activity which should be held annually to strengthen solidarity among corporations and companies of HASMEA, to create a fun atmosphere, to raise the spiritual and cultural life, and create a new impetus for the employees".

        Some photos of the exchange:

The team from TrungThanh (right) participates a friendly match of football with the team from PhuMy Group

Final, the first-class belongs to TrungThanh’s team. Mr. Phi Ngoc Chung (third from the left) and Mr. Chu Duc Luong take photos with the players of TrungThanh

TrungThanh’s singers with the song named "Diep Khuc Mua Xuan"

The impressive performance of Mr. Chu Duc Luong and Mrs. Le Phuong - Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union of TrungThanh Group

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