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Permanent Deputy Chairman of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Hanoi; Chairman - General Director of TrungThanh Mr. Phi Ngoc Chung attend the Sixth Congress of VCCI

     From 27th Mar - 28th Mar in Hanoi, Vietnam, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) held a National Congress VCCI sixth time (2014 - 2019) with attended by over 400 delegates entrepreneurs, representing more than 10,000 members and over 100,000 both direct and indirect members of VCCI nationwide. Mr Phi Ngoc Chung as Deputy Chairman of the Permanent Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Hanoi (HASMEA) and Chairman - General Director of TrungThanh Company is one of the typical delegate to attend Assembly this time.

The Presidium Executive Congress: President Truong Tan Sang (center), Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee - Nguyen Thien Nhan (third from right), Chairman of VCCI Dr. Vu Tien Loc (third from left)

     Attending the meeting were President Truong Tan Sang, Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Nguyen Thien Nhan and the leaders of ministries and central agencies, embassies and international organizations in Vietnam.

     According to the political report presented at the General Assembly about the situation and the results of implementation tasks tenure V (2008 - 2014) and orientated tasks tenure VI (2014 - 2019) which VCCI has specified, within the term V, VCCI has successfully completed the major tasks of the Party, the State and the Congress V given out. Specifically, the VCCI organization has been expanding to create a network linking the business associations in the country of Vietnam and the world. VCCI Agency completed work volume increased 40% compared with the previous term. All the work has been carrying out comprehensively and quality is increased toward professionalization.

     After the report was presented at the congress is the discussion of the participants with active participation from key representatives from prestigious enterprises and business associations across the country. As the Standing Deputy Chairman of HASMEA and  Chairman - General Director of Trungthanh, Mr Phi Ngoc Chung had joined the discussion with idea presented at the Congress and recieved the support of the participants.

     Citing HASMEA's Standing Deputy Chairman - Chairman - General Director Mr Phi Ngoc Chung: "Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam and Chairman Vu Tien Loc has always concerned, ensure the interests of business, entrepreneurs, the general business associations as well as individuals like Trungthanh and Association of small and medium enterprises in Hanoi in particular. VCCI has also effectively implement activities promoting trade, investment and support the business community. However, besides that, I realise there are still the irrational policies that we need to change in a positive way, create direction, opportunities for businesses to expand and develop. For example like us - the agricultural enterprises of food facing many difficulties and funding sources for the project investment planting and harvesting agricultural focus, creating jobs and income stable income for local people, but must pay very high taxes, unreasonable. Therefore, not only personally me, but also the business community also hopes to have the reform innovation, actively remove difficulties and problems for enterprises and build strategic applied science and technology, improve productivity, build strong brand to promote, help businesses grow better in the future. I hope VCCI will be a bridge to transfer the voice of the business community to State's management organization, the Party and the Government for giving the appropriate adjustment policies , helps create conditions for the business community development contribute to improving the life income farmers."

     At the Sixth Congress of VCCI , President Truong Tan Sang attended the meeting and delivered a speech on the importance orientation of VCCI for the development of businesses in the country. President stressed the points that VCCI Executive Committee term VI must note in the next term. Accordingly, the VCCI needs to promote further the aggregation role, linking businesses and business associations, actively coordinate with government agencies to guide and support the establishment of business associations and activities effectively, ensuring system forming business associations in the country unified. In order to improve the quality of research, advisory recommendations to the Party and the State on the point, mechanisms and policies to build and develop the business...

     On behalf VCCI, Chairman Vu Tien Loc has given to President a picture of Mai An Tiem - who is regarded as the founder of the enterprise in the agricultural sector, created marketing job and consider it as a promise of community business Council will endeavor to overcome the difficulties like Mai An Tiem. VCCI Chairman also said: "In recognition of the efforts to overcome difficulties and creativity of entrepreneurs in the integration phase, VCCI will research to create the Mai An Tiem Prizes to award the typical entrepreneurs."

     Also at the conference, the organizing committee has approved the election results for VCCI Executive Board sixth term. Accordingly, Dr. Vu Tien Loc continue to be elected as Chairman of VCCI sixth term.

     Congress VCCI Sixth National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam has taken place successfully, promising new breakthroughs in devising the proper direction for steady business opportunity integration and development, ready to cope with new challenges, new opportunities, worthy is the flagship of the movement to build economic and national renewal.

      Some pictures of the event:

Mr Do The Su -  leading Entrepreneur Vietnam gives speech at the Sixth Congress of VCCI Entrepreneur delegation representing the Council of Entrepreneurs and Family Vietnam in Congress (Deputy Chairman of the Standing HASMEA - Chairman - CEO Phi Ngoc Chung is also a founding member of the Council of Entrepreneurs and Family Vietnam)

President Truong Tan Sang confers the flowers for Sixth term VCCI Chairman Phd Vu Tien Loc

Delegates representing the Association of Enterprises and typical Community of the country attended the congress taking souvenir pictures with the Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee - Nguyen Thien Nhan (first row fourth from left) HASMEA Standing Deputy Chairman - Chairman - General Director Phi Ngoc Chung (top row , second from the right)

HASMEA Standing Deputy Chairman - Chairman - General Director Phi Ngoc Chung takes souvenir photos with Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee - Nguyen Thien Nhan

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