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      Dear sir or madam,
        Glad to welcome you to TrungThanh Foods. Now you can feel secure when using any of our products – our main field specializes in foodstuff. After nearly 20 years, TrungThanh are proud of the efforts in preservation of traditional flavor and bringing joy and warmth in every Vietnamese. Our products are exported to many countries on the world such as France, Russia, Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, China, etc.
        We are all consumers, we ourselves cannot produce all of the products used every day, instead of that we have to go shopping and exchanging. That is very risky, because we do not know the origin of these products, how they are produced and whether they can affect our health or not.
        We are living in society where the faith is almost broken. We saw many children who were hospitalized cause of expired milk, hundreds of people died every year only cause of the toxic substances in food. Every morning, we read information such as cuttle-fish is made from rubber, vegetables injected with stimulants, and tainted meat is reused by the chemical which causes cancer, organ break. We have heard too many promises from businesses about quality but...
        Deriving from our general problems, we look forward to contributing high quality products with all our spirit and mentality. TrungThanh establishs with absolute safe products for your health. We have fish sauce, vinegar, chili sauce, soy sauce and jarred vegetables; all products branded TrungThanh Foods with the motto "Best for family". Thanks to that our products do not depend on communication technology, but expand themselves over the country.
         As a business, we wish to bring to you safe, quality and healthy products. We are entitled to receive the best products and services for life, so we believe that TrungThanh Foods is always the best choice.
         Marketplace is fierce, and taking advantage of communication technology to promote low quality products is very easy to obscure the healthy traditional products. Please always believe and support TrungThanh for a safe consumer market.
You are all to us!
        Thank you and best regards!

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